School Initiatives

School Spirit Teams


The School Spirit and Promotion Team is made up of several students and 2 staff members. The team aims to provide and organize opportunities for the students to interact with each other, across the grades, in fun and entertaining ways. One way this is facilitated is that all of the students in grades K-6, have been divided into Teams. Each team has a grade 6 as a student leader and a staff representative. Once per month, activities are scheduled so that the teams can work togethr in a competitive and friendly atmosphere. Types of activities have included a Photo Scavenger Hunt and Building Structure Competition. The Spirit Team also organizes days in which students at Timothy can dress up, such as a Book Character Day, Pyjama Day, Sport Jersey Day, or a bad hair day to name a few. These special activities bring students together who might otherwise not interact with each other, to teach students to work in cooperative groups and develop leadership skills. And, it gives them another oppourtunity to have fun.

Referee Team / Intramurals


Another way that students in grades 6-8 can become more involved in extra-curricular activities is to be a member of the referee team. This team is made up of teachers and students whose responsibility is to organize intramurals efficiently and fairly. In order to be on this team, students must know the rules of the different sports or be willing to learn them. They also must be assertive enough when a call needs to be made. Referees must be impartial and desire that everyone have a positive experience during intramurals. Once again, these ativities teach students to work in cooperative groups and develop leadership skills in sometimes challenging situations.