Tuition Structure

Membership Categories and Amounts

Senior/Student Membership $133/month
Pre-tuition Membership $489/month
Kindergarten Membership $675/month
Tuition Membership $996/month
General Membership $265/month

Pre-tuition Details

All families at Timothy Christian School are required to pay tuition two years before their first child enters grade one. There are two ways to do this, depending on whether your first child attends Timothy Christian School Kindergarten or not.

  Two years before Grade One One year before Grade One
Child attending Timothy Christian School Kindergarten $489/month Pretuition Membership $604/month Kindergarten Membership
Child NOT attending Timothy Christian School Kindergarten $489/month Pretuition Membership $489/month Pretuition Membership

School payments begin in August. For example, if your child will start Grade One in 2016 you will start paying pretuition in August 2014 and full tuition (tuition membership) in August 2016.

Q. How much does it cost to send additional children?
A. Timothy's tuition rates are per family. All tuition paying families pay the same rate regardless of the number of children in school.

Q. How does "pre-tuition" work?
A. Before a family sends their first child to Timothy they are expected to have donated the equivalent of one year's tuition to the school in the previous two years. Two years before your oldest child enters grade one you should be paying the "Preschool" category. The year before your child enters grade one you should be paying either the "Kindergarten" category, or if you are not sending you child to kindergarten, the "Preschool" category.

Q. If I have older children in Timothy Christian School do I have to pay for kindergarten?
A. The full tuition membership includes kindergarten fees.

Q. Do I have to pay for my child to take the bus?
A. No. Bus services are included with tuition.

Q. Do you have a Tuition Assistance program?
A. No. Timothy Christian School does not operate any kind of Tuition Assistance program at this time.