Program Introduction

Working from the Mission Statement, Timothy Christian School offers:

  1. A Christ-centered approach to curriculum development and instruction. All aspects of student life are immersed in a Reformed worldview.
  2.  A Bible program that is taught as a separate subject every day.
  3. Quality elementary education to children of Christian parents that emphasizes Deeper Learning.
  4. Complete elementary education that exists alongside Ontario Ministry expectations.
  5. Education delivered by competent and qualified Christian teachers. All staff must be eligible for membership to be considered for employment.
  6. Vibrant Special Education program that helps us meet the needs of students with a wide variety of learning needs.
  7. The Morning Meeting and Zones of Regulation: programs that help students learn social, mental, and emotional regulation.
  8. Numerous extra-curricular activities including:
    1. Choir and/or Drama
    2. Sports
    3. Chess
    4. Leadership
  9. Compliance with Government regulations like Accessibility, Fair Dealings, Occupational Health & Safety, and First Aid.