Profile of a Timothy Graduate

Education is a life-long journey and we are privileged to be a part of that journey with our students. By the grace of God and through the power of the Holy Spirit, it is our desire that Timothy Christian School Grade 8 graduates be equipped to:

Know the LORD:
A Timothy Christian School graduate will: develop a thorough knowledge of the Bible story, understanding that God created man in His image, but man fell into sin - in His abundant grace, God provided a Saviour who ransomed us on the cross and who now reigns forever; the graduate will not only grow in this knowledge, but through this knowledge increase in love for the LORD.

A Timothy Christian School graduate will: learn to face challenges and overcome obstacles;
confront problems relentlessly and seek solutions persistently; grow in confidence and, when challenged, not be ashamed of the gospel, but will stand firm in faith.

Practice Compassion:
A Timothy Christian School graduate will: develop a heart for service; learn to see others as equal image-bearers of God and humbly seek the others’ well-being; learn to seek out those who are in need and strive to meet those needs wherever possible, thus reflecting the grace of God.

Discern the Truth:
A Timothy Christian School graduate will: not only learn to pursue truth but will consistently place all things under the lens of God’s Word; learn to apply Biblical knowledge to all situations in an effort to determine what is right and then pursue it.

Demonstrate Competency:
A Timothy Christian School graduate will: grow in mastery of a variety of valuable skills; learn to analyze and apply their learning in all situations; will develop their God-given talents in an environment of collaboration and honesty that helps pursue excellence.