Deeper Learning

Deeper Learning is an educational movement with the intent of collecting the ‘best practices’ in education and putting them together to form an outstanding contemporary educational experience for our students that equips them for a life of citizenship and service in God’s kingdom and world.

Deeper Learning at Timothy Christian School aims to cultivate student mastery with a focus on six competencies:

The learning environment is created to help students:

  1. Master Core Content: there is no disputing the existence of Core Content. We consider Bible knowledge, Literacy, Numeracy, and other subject specific content as Core.
  2. Communicate Clearly: we strive to teach our students to write and present clearly and we give them ample opportunity to do so. Raising the stakes by bringing parents and industry experts into the school also helps the students to polish their communication skills.
  3. Think Critically and Creatively: learning opportunities are crafted to develop deep-thinking skills. Staff routinely answer questions with questions to keep the students thinking. Real world problems are presented, and the students are encouraged to develop creative, realistic solutions. We want our students to be discerners of the truth.
  4. Collaborate Successfully: students are continually exposed to group activities; collaboration is more than group work and the differences are highlighted. Learning to respect team members and to use each other’s strengths to present a beautiful, finished product.
  5. Develop a Growth Mindset: exposing the students to difficult problems and guiding them through failure to success helps develop a Growth Mindset. We believe that perseverance is foundational to a successful future.
  6. Learn to Lead their Own Learning: students are expected to take ownership of the learning process. Staff attempt to build motivational learning experiences and spark student curiosity so that student engagement will be high.