Other Extracurricular Activities


Timothy Christian School students in Grade 5 to 8 learn the game of chess and participate in an annual school tournament. The top three students earn the right to represent Timothy Christian School at a Christian School tournament held each April.

The winner of the in-school tournament is awarded the Pieter Harsevoort Memorial Trophy.

Speech and Poetry recitation

Every student in Grades 7 & 8 participates in this biennial competition. After an in-school competition, Timothy sends four students to a regional competition with other Christian schools.

Science Fair

Students in Grades 7 & 8 are given the opportunity to qualify for a biennial Science Fair. This is a regional Science Fair for Christian schools in southern Ontario.

Drama Production

Staff and students have organized large-scale drama productions in the past. This is not an annual event at Timothy Christian School.

School Concert

Staff and students have organized large-scale school concerts for the past several years. These concerts always focus on a Biblical Theme or celebrate an important event on the Christian calendar (Christmas or Easter).