Learning in Junior Grades (4-6)

The purpose of junior level education is to consolidate foundational skills learned in primary grades and begin to explore more of God’s amazing creation. The most dramatic shift in junior grades is that the students are no longer ‘learning to read’, but they are ‘reading to learn’. Proficiency in reading, exploring, and investigating allow the students to experience tremendous growth and confidence in these grades. Students in our junior grades enter student-centered learning spaces when they walk into their classrooms. Field studies expand in the junior grades to include greater depth of study and allow the students to become ‘experts’ in specific areas of the curriculum.

Students in the junior grades enjoy an educational experience that encourages Mastery of Core Content and skills, so they are well prepared to excel in the older grades. Already at this young age, students can think Critically and Creatively about their learning. They are taught how to Collaborate and clearly Communicate so that they can use these important skills to further their learning in the higher grades. The students are also challenged to develop a Growth Mindset so that they learn to see difficulty and failure as growth opportunities. As they develop these skills, they begin to grow in their ability to take greater ownership of their own learning. (see Deeper Learning)

Students will experience instruction from subject experts in Music and French.